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Hello and welcome! At Cash for Junk Cars Fort Lauderdale, we buy cars, trucks, or SUVs in absolutely any condition! Junk and scrap cars included, we will buy them all! Our trained and experienced team of professionals is just waiting for you to give us a call at (954) 239-7377 and give us all the details on the car you’ve got for sale. Don’t be shy, either; we’ll buy your car no matter how beat up it is. We believe in keeping our clients happy and making sure they get the best deal. We also believe that it should be extremely easy and convenient for you to sell your vehicle. That’s why we’ve made our process so simple that you literally end up doing nothing and getting cash brought right to your door. All you have to do is call, get your free quote, accept our offer, and wait for us to come and pick up your vehicle! Even if it doesn’t operate, won’t start, or is completely junk, we’ll pay for a tow truck to remove it at no extra cost to you. It would be pointless for you to even sell if you’re going to lose half your money on a tow truck, and we understand that. So give us a call at (954) 239-7377 now for a free quote, plus free removal!

How it Works:

You give us a call and tell us everything you can think of about your car. What year, make, model, condition, that sort of thing. Don’t be ashamed of anything, either, we’re going to make an offer no matter what! We will make our offer, which you are free to accept or decline.

Our valuation system has no strings attached, so you now you know the value of your car even if you don’t want to sell! If you do accept our offer, we’ll come that same day and pick it up, leaving you your cash! That’s pretty simple, right? We’ll even do all the paper work. This system really is optimized for your convenience.

Will we really buy anything?

We should reiterate here that we will almost buy anything. Scrap, junk, trashed and used cars, trucks or SUVs in any condition. That pretty much covers everything, and that seems pretty broad to us. The only thing we will not buy is a burnt car or an RV.

And remember, we’ll always make you a fair and honest offer. So give us a call now at (954) 239-7377 and at least see what we’ll offer!

Ray R.

"Never seen anything like this. I just called them up and they bought my car right away, I didn’t even have to bring it in! " Excellent!