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A better question would be “what cars are we not looking for?” At Cash for Junk Cars Fort Lauderdale, we have a deep and extensive appreciation for the value of all vehicles. This includes any car, truck, or SUV in absolutely any condition. As is implied in our name, we will buy cars as low as junk cars! Our process is simple and our at-your-door service will make it the most convenient sale you’ve ever made! Give us a call at (954) 239-7377 for a free quote! If you’re worried that we might not take your car, let us give you some examples of what we’re looking for to ease your mind.


  • The family van, used to drive kids to school and soccer, commute long distances for work and trips, and has seen better days. This is the kind of vehicle that will go forever, but forever might not be long enough. More like 10 or 15 years tops. After that, there’s not going to be much use left for it, and it might not even make it off the driveway. We’ll come tow it away for you, and give you some cash on the spot!
  • Dad’s work truck, passed on to you when it was already in rough shape, now it’s barely safe to drive. You need to get something new, but you can’t find a buyer to take this beast off your hands, and you also need the cash. Good thing you found us, because we’ll buy it off you no matter what condition it’s in! 
  • Your old beater that is just ruined on the inside and out, nobody wants to buy or even drive in this vehicle anymore, but it was fun while it lasted! There is one place that will buy it though, Cash for Junk Cars Fort Lauderdale!
  • Even your old junk or scrap car that is useless and seemingly worthless to anybody else. We will pay to have it removed for you, at no cost, plus give you some cash for it!


So you can probably see that we’re willing to buy cars in much worse shape than yours is, and we’re committed to bringing you the best deal possible on any vehicle! We’re even committed to making the process as easy and painless as possible for you, all you have to do is give us a call at (954) 239-7377 and get a free quote, and you could have your cash today!

Ray R.

"Never seen anything like this. I just called them up and they bought my car right away, I didn’t even have to bring it in! " Excellent!