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Selling a vehicle is hard work. You’ve got to place ads, phone or respond to buyers, then show the car to people who may or may not be interested. This can cost money, and it can definitely cost time. So why bother with an expensive and laborious method when, here at Cash for Junk Cars Fort Lauderdale, we’ve went out of our way to make this entire process as easy and convenient as possible for you? It really is as quick as making a single, 10 minute on average phone call. We’ll give you a valuation and an instant offer, which is all completely free; you’re not obligated to take any action at this point. If you accept, we’ll come right over and get your car, truck, or SUV! Here’s what you can expect when you call.

      1. A member of our team will promptly answer your phone call.
      2. They will ask you all about your car. This will include things such as the model, make, and year. We will also ask about the condition, but don’t worry; we buy cars, trucks, and SUVs in any condition. 
      3. We will give you a valuation, explaining what the car is worth, and we will make an offer. You can walk away with a free valuation of your vehicle, or you can take the deal!
      4. If you accept the offer, you’re job is finished. You’ve just sold your car! It’s really that easy.
      5. We will come pick it up. Even if it is nonfunctional and won’t move on its own, we will bring a tow truck. This will not cost you a single penny! We offer free removal to all of our clients!
      6. We will give you your cash at your own front door as we remove the vehicle. At this point, you have done nothing except make a 10 minute phone call and then wait for us to show up, and now you have your cash!
      7. Our licensed and bonded professionals will even handle all the paper work involved, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

As you can see, we really have gone above and beyond to make this process is quick and painless as it possibly could be for you. It’s as simple as placing a short phone call to (954) 239-7377 and getting an instant offer, then waiting for your cash to show up!

Ray R.

"Never seen anything like this. I just called them up and they bought my car right away, I didn’t even have to bring it in! " Excellent!